Tuesday. Texas. Tornadoes.

Severe storms pummeled the area Tuesday night bringing hail, gusty winds, and, everyone's worst fear, tornadoes. Sadly, at least 23 people were injured and at least five structures were destroyed after a tornado touched down near Salado.

The day started with the Storm Prediction Center placing Central Texas at an Enhanced Risk for severe storms.

As storms started to ignite off a dry line to the west, the National Weather Service issued a tornado watch and it wasn’t long before things really got going.

The first tornado warning was issued for the northern parts of Bell County as a tornado touched down near Flat. Phones all over the county lit up again as a second tornado warning was issued shortly thereafter. A supercell intruded on the southern parts of Bell County dropping a tornado near Salado.

This tornado did cause extensive damage to homes and injured 23 people. Reports of the losses are staggering.

Thankfully, the tornado lifted before it got into the heart of Salado but, the Texas weather wasn’t done just yet.

As the storms continued to blast through Bell County they brought extreme wind gusts and hail. Also in Salado, insane reports of hail up to 5 1/2 inches flooded in, while others saw dime and quarter size hail. There were numerous other reports of funnels and tornadoes being spotted throughout our area.

The National Weather Service will be in the area to survey the damage to confirm how strong the tornadoes were.

Cleanup now begins once again in Central Texas, especially for those who lost nearly everything in Salado. Stay tuned for coverage of our community's response to the damage.