Lady in the Men’s Room?

Have you heard the buzz around town about the group of local 17-year-old high school kids who’ve not only started a band, but that band is like, really, really epically good?

Then only 16 years old, LITMR plays Schoepf's BBQ 4th of July
Then only 16 years old, LITMR plays Schoepf's BBQ 4th of July photo courtesy Hello Texas

Your initial thought may have been what mine was, something along the lines of, “Aww some local kids have a band, that’s really sweet, but, seriously, they’re probably not that great.” If so, you were wrong, very wrong. And so was I. I’ve since witnessed these “kids” take on the stage at Schoepf's for 4th of July, play for charity in Waco, and several times I’ve seen them transform a once-tame room of quiet beer drinkers at Barrow Brewing into an intimate rock show for 200.

So, if you hadn’t already heard the buzz, please let us be the first to introduce you to Lady in the Men’s Room, Lazlo Psolka, Jon Colambo, Ben Raines & Emma Andrews (all only 17 years old!)

The energy that Lady in the Men’s Room creates with their music is almost as infectious as it is surprising.

At their last Barrow show, after absolutely crushing an array of covers from the Beatles, Kings of Leon, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Elvis, and The Rolling Stones; an unsuspecting formerly-quiet beer drinker yelled at me over the music, cheers and applause, “HOLY CRAP HOW OLD ARE THESE KIDS!?” followed by, “HOW DO THEY KNOW ALL THESE SONGS?”

Because, right?! How did they 1) Get so dang talented and 2) Create such an amazing set-list of songs (most of which were recorded before they were even born) that somehow united an entire room of 10 to 80-year-olds…? It was truly amazing to witness what happened in that room that night, and, dare I say that what is going to happen this Saturday night at Fire Street Pizza is likely to be EVEN better?

LITMR covers Beggin' at Barrow Brewing

How? Well, they’ll be playing a longer set this time, 3 HOURS! (6-9 pm, but, they can be coerced into an epic encore or two) Plus, they’ll be playing right in the backyard of the band members, at the incomparable Fire Street Pizza!

Founded by Jason & Alis Brumbalow, Fire Street has been a beloved local hotspot since 2017. You know it, you love it, we all die for their pizza, phenomenal atmosphere, and the epic live-music lineup! Being chosen for the FSP stage is an incredible nod to the talents of Jon, Lazlo, Emma & Ben.

"Any homegrown kids that put that much into their vibe need to play at FSP." - Jason Brumbalow, owner of Fire Street Pizza on LITMR

..... And, we gots pizza," Jason added. (ha! Damn, we love those guys at Fire Street.) This will be Lady in the Men's Room's debut at FSP, so plan to get there a little early to grab your pizza and claim your spot to hang.

I know we all have so many more burning questions for these kids, like:

*As overheard from a Barrow patron perusing the LITMR tees*

... a confused tilt of the head then a crumpled nose followed by, “Oh dear lord, Bob, Lady in the Men’s Room?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?” *clutches pearls*

HA! I hope she recovered and I hope to answer that question and lots more tomorrow in our post-concert interview with Lady in the Men’s room straight from Fire Street Pizza.

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Follow along with the journey of Lady in the Men's Room here on 35Live, we can't wait to see what's in store for these 4 amazing local teens!